Jen Belken | UI/UX Designer
pc-offers-3.jpg Redesign Redesign

I was tasked to redesign the full web experience. This year, Party City was going to push Halloween City a bit more than the previous years. In past years, the website used to be a landing page with not a lot of visual stimulation or call-to-action for the customer. For the enhanced experience, we were going to be more impactful and visual with our product and play with layout and visual hierarchy to represent the vast amount of costumes Halloween City sells while keeping a clean, overall look and feel. 



Work within the confines of the current functionality of the site (non-responsive)
Include Instagram carousel feeding in actual customer photos
Give the illusion that the site takes up the full width of your computer by using a single color as the background
Have the top of the page hierarchy be to advertise for seasonal hiring but not overshadow the costume selection
Create a separate mobile version (current functionality)
Email Me section to capture leads



Left: BEFORE | RIGHT: After